Small video

Perfect for bringing any social media post or other platforms to life. E.g. photos, short videos or videos made from existing material.

prices start at 2.500,00 kr.

VAT not included


Medium video

An ideal solution for a slightly larger production with a higher level of complexity. E.g. event, interview and portrait videos.

prices start at 5.500,00 kr.

VAT not included


Large video

Larger projects that require a high level of complexity. The production will be tailored for the individual customer, depending on the requirements of the project. E.g. advertisements, full events, conferences, video series, construction work, company profile videos etc.

PRICES START AT 15.000,00 kr.

VAT not included



Extra drone footage: 1250,00 kr.- VAT not included

Storyboard: 750,00 kr.- VAT not included

Ekstra hours: 750,00 kr.- VAT not included


Social Media

Take a leap of faith & let us help you grow



Standard package

Choose between
- 1x SoMe-video
- 1x Photography
- 1x Dronevideo
- 1x 360° video

Binding period of 3 months

5500,00 kr. per month VAT not included

Mix and choose package

Select 2 from below
- SoMe-video
- Photography
- Dronevideo
- 360° video
- Website (only 1)

Binding period of 3 months

9000,00 kr. per month VAT not included