Sport & Entertainment


Martin Jensen

SoMe at Destination Fyn

“ELS Production has delivered products and content which are fully aligned with our new visual strategy and marketing. At Destination Fyn we are very pleased with the their work and the agile process of cooperation.”

Søren Romer Søborg

Race Director and Teacher at Oure

"The combination of ELS Production and Oure Adventure Race were an exciting match. We knew that the race and it's locations would make a spectacular scenery combined with lots of adventurous actions. We knew that ELS Productions had experience with both - but not combined. Therefore we hoped they could cover a fast-going unpredictable 100 km. long adventurerace. They could - and they delivered all the action in a smooth scenic and well narrated HD-film. Well done!"

Simon Kristensen

Project Coordinator at Visit Kerteminde

"We could not be happier with the final product. ELS Production are extremely professional. They took our vision to the next level and came up with beautiful shots that far exceeded our expectations. We give ELS Production our highest praise and recommendations."